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24+2+1 full gigabit rack PoE switch

Short Description:

26 ports PoE Ethernet Switch is a security surveillance Ethernet Switch which aims at Ethernet high definition surveillance and security system. The product fully combines the characteristics of security surveillance, provides fast packet forwarding ability and abundant backplane bandwidth, which ensures clear image and fluent transmission. ESD and surge protection circuit can improve product stability. The product supports one key CCTV model, with VLAN function can restrain the network storm, protect the information security, prevent the viral transmission and cyber attack, fully satisfy the Ethernet video security surveillance system and Ethernet project needs. 

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24+2+1 full gigabit rack PoE switch

Product Features:

Our company is proud to introduce our latest product, 24+2+1 Full Gigabit Rackmount PoE Switch. Our dedication to creating high-quality and cost-effective communication products has driven our team to develop this innovative switch designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals around the world.

24+2+1 Full Gigabit Rackmount PoE Switch is the perfect solution for businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure. With smart chip and common mode 4KV lightning protection, it can ensure reliable and stable connection even in bad weather conditions. The metal housing provides an extra layer of protection, making it durable and extending its lifespan. The IP30 protection rating of the switch ensures that it can withstand a certain temperature range, making it ideal for a variety of environments.

One of the switch’s most notable advantages is its Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability. With up to 30W single-port maximum power and 450W total power, it can power a variety of PoE-enabled devices such as IP cameras, VoIP phones, and access points without requiring an additional power supply. This feature reduces cable and electrical outlet clutter, making installation and maintenance easier and more cost-effective.

24+2+1 full Gigabit rackmount PoE switch is easy to install, each port can auto-negotiate speed, cross detection and transmission auto-correction. The switch also has two SFP slots to provide optional fiber connectivity for longer distance networks. Plus, its rack-mountable design can be easily integrated into existing network systems, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking to upgrade their infrastructure.

Our company has cultivated an independent research and development team with innovative capabilities, and has a number of patented inventions. Our team ensures that every product we manufacture meets the highest quality standards, proven to be both reliable and efficient. Our 24+2+1 Full Gigabit Rackmount PoE Switches are no exception.

In summary, our 24+2+1 Full Gigabit Rackmount PoE Switches are reliable solutions that provide businesses with high-quality network connectivity, cost savings, and long-term durability. It is ideal for enterprises that have a large number of PoE-enabled devices and need a stable and reliable network solution. Contact us today, place your order and experience the difference!

technical parameter:






Downstream Ports


24*10/100/1000Base-TX (PoE)


Uplink Ports


2*10/100/1000 Base-T RJ-45;1*1000 Base-X SFP


Network Standard


IEEE802.3 、IEEE802.3u、IEEE802.3X、IEEE802.3ab


Switch Capacity




Switch Processing Scheme


Store and Forward


Memory Buffer




MAC Table




PoE Standard




PsE  Type




Power Pin Assignment


1/2( +),3/6(-)


PoE Power Output


52V DC , 30 watts max


PoE Budge


380 watts max


Lightning protection


6KV    Execute:IEC61000-4-5




6KV     Contact discharge

8KV       Air discharge



Power Supply


DC 48V~57V


Power Dissipation




Work temperature




Storage temperature








Dimension( L ×W × H )







Product Size:


产品应用 4+2百兆

Product List:

26-port 10/100/1000M PoE Ethernet switch 1SET
AC Power Cable 1PC
User Guide 1PC

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