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You still can’t distinguish between industrial grade switches and regular switches foolishly

Many friends still struggle to distinguish between industrial grade switches and commercial switches when purchasing them. I'm not sure which type of switch to purchase specifically. Next, CF FIBERLINK will analyze in detail the differences between the two and help you quickly determine which type of switch is suitable for you.

Firstly, industrial switches and ordinary switches are both types of switches, and there is no fundamental difference between the two. Their functions are the same, with some being gigabit switches and others being 100Mbps, with varying speeds. However, there are significant differences in manufacturing costs and appearance.

The difference between industrial grade switches and ordinary commercial switches is mainly reflected in their functionality and performance.

1. Functional differences

Industrial grade switches are closer in functionality to industrial network communication, such as interconnectivity with various fieldbuses;

2. Performance differences

Mainly reflected in adapting to different external environmental parameters. In addition to particularly harsh environments such as coal mines, ships, and power plants, industrial environments also have requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, temperature, humidity, and other aspects. Among them, temperature has the widest impact on industrial equipment



In terms of components, mechanical environment, climate environment, electromagnetic environment, working voltage, power supply design, installation method, and heat dissipation method, industrial grade switches have better performance than ordinary switches. However, when purchasing switches, we need to consider the specific working environment and other aspects comprehensively, and it is not necessarily better. If the on-site environment is very harsh, then we must use industrial grade switches. But if the environmental requirements are not high, we can choose a regular switch. We don't need to spend a high price to purchase an industrial grade switch to complete the project, even if a regular switch is sufficient.

Post time: Dec-06-2023