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What does 4K Ultra HD mean How to distinguish between pixels and 720P, 1080P resolution

Friends who are engaged in cctv complain that today’s customers are spoiled by advertisements, saying whether the monitors and splicing screens are 4K, do you have 1080P resolution for the monitoring images?

Friends will frown and tell each other: Yes, but expensive, do you want it?

Of course, from a practical point of view, there is no need for 4K in security, and we still have to try to be the most economical and effective.


In fact, no matter who asked or answered, do you ask him to seriously say what it means to know 4K? How to distinguish between pixels and resolution? What does 1080P represent? There are probably not many that can answer.

Pixel: It is popularly understood that 1 pixel is the basic unit that makes up a picture. 2 million pixels means that there are 2 million basic units in the picture.

Resolution: The popular explanation is the width × height of the screen, of course, the unit is pixels

So it is not difficult to see that the pixel is the product value of the resolution. 1920×1080=2073600=2 million pixels; 1600×1200=1920000=2 million pixels. This example should be understood if you can see it clearly.


How to distinguish 720P and 1080P?

These two belong to the resolution. The P behind 720P and 1080P means progressive scan (English: Progressive). The K after 4K means thousand, which means the horizontal resolution is about 4000 pixels.

The resolution is not width × height, the meaning of line by line must be high. so:

720P=1280×720 usually called HD or high definition

1080P=1920×1080 Usually called FHD or full HD

4K=3840×2160 commonly known as QFHD or Ultra HD

What is the difference in display quality or quality between them?

For ease of understanding, let’s take an example from the pictures that can be accessed every day. Everyone has seen the DVD resolution, which is generally similar to the resolution of satellite TV, and the resolution of cable TV is one-third of the resolution of satellite TV.

And 720P is four times the definition of DVD, 1080P is four times that of 720P, and 4K is four times that of 1080P.

Therefore, the 4K ultra-clear picture is unparalleled in the degree of delicacy, so delicate that even the hair can be clearly seen! 

Post time: Oct-19-2022