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The difference between industrial Ethernet switches and commercial switches

Industrial switches are also called industrial Ethernet switches. It is specially designed to meet the needs of flexible and changeable industrial applications, and provides a cost-effective industrial Ethernet communication solution. Its networking mode is more focused on loop design.
Industrial switches feature carrier-grade performance features to withstand harsh operating environments. The product series is rich and the port configuration is flexible, which can meet the needs of various industrial fields. The product adopts a wide temperature design, the protection level is not lower than IP30, and supports standard and private ring network redundancy protocols.
And ordinary commercial switches are far inferior to industrial switches in performance and adaptable environment.
1. Appearance comparison:
Industrial switches use surface or pleated shells to dissipate heat, and metal shells have high strength. The ordinary commercial switch has a plastic casing with low strength, and the switch has a fan to dissipate heat.
2. Ability to use the environment:
The working temperature of the industrial switch is -40℃—+85℃, and the adaptability to dust and humidity is strong, and the protection level is above IP40. Therefore, industrial switches have a wide range of applications and are suitable for installation in various environments. The working temperature of commercial switches is 0℃—+50℃, and they have no dustproof and humidity adaptability, and the protection level is poor.
3. Service life:
The service life of industrial switches is >10 years. But ordinary commercial switches have a service life of 3-5 years. Why look at the service life? Because this is related to the post-maintenance of the project. Therefore, in some cases where the use environment is relatively harsh and the data transmission requirements are stable, it is recommended to use an industrial Ethernet switch. Guangzhou Optical Bridge OBCC is the first choice in China, with high cost performance and good service attitude!
4. Other reference indices
Working voltage: Industrial switches are suitable for DC12V, DC24V, DC110V, DC/AC220V. Commercial switches must work under AC220V. The industrial switch mainly adopts the ring network mode, which reduces the cost of cable usage and maintenance.

Post time: Jun-23-2022