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Teach you how to identify inferior poe switches

The poe switch has become a very useful power supply device in our life. There are too many network devices that need it, such as surveillance cameras, wireless APs, etc., to achieve synchronous transmission of data and power through network cables. However, there are various poe switches on the market, and it is inevitable that such problems will occur after a period of use, which is related to the quality of the products. To put it bluntly, the quality of the product is not good enough.
The reason is that there are still some small enterprises with small production scale, poor technical conditions, backward production equipment and lack of technical backbone in our country. The quality of poe switches produced by these enterprises is often substandard, which not only fails to achieve good use results, but also affects the “reputation” of poe switches.
In response to the above problems, poe switches, let’s chat with you, how to identify inferior poe switches?
Under normal circumstances, only high-quality poe switches can provide stable power supply, and poor quality poe switches are subject to various tests. How to distinguish poor quality poe switches? Generally, there are three situations:
1. Production logo
A good poe switch should contain the following information: the manufacturer’s name, business name, trademark or other identifying mark. In addition, there are clear model code, model specification, power supply standard, total poe power supply, etc. And the poor quality poe switch logo will not be too clear and clear.
2. Heat dissipation design
One of the functions of the poe switch is to supply power. In this process, a part of the electric energy needs to be consumed due to loss. After the electric energy is converted into heat energy, part of it is lost in the air, while the other part is absorbed by itself, which increases the temperature of the device. In fact, it is a common phenomenon for poe switches to generate heat during normal operation, so whether the device can effectively dissipate heat is related to whether the device can run stably for a long time. If the heat dissipation is not good, the service life of the product will be shortened and the safety performance will be reduced.
In the production of poe switches, heat dissipation design and components used are very important. As an excellent transmission product & service provider, we always treat the heat dissipation of equipment with a scientific and rigorous attitude. The poe switches have side waist-shaped cooling holes, metal shell design, and built-in small cooling fans to ensure efficient heat dissipation, so as to ensure the poe switches. The product runs stably for a long time.
3. Full load test
When the surveillance cameras are fully connected, it is the time to test the “true love” of the poe switch. Some poe switches claim to be able to supply power at full load, but once they are fully loaded, they will crash and the picture will be unclear. The above situation occurs because the power supply of the poe switch is insufficient and cannot be fully loaded to supply power to the powered device. Therefore, only the use of high-quality power supplies and other components, and after full load testing, is the most “safe” poe switch.
All in all, the components are not good, the technology is not too hard, and it is no use to say anything. Only manufacturers who are attentive and responsible for product quality can create high-quality poe switches.

Post time: Aug-22-2022