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Summary of the five advantages of PoE power supply switch



As we all know, electrical equipment can only work after power supply, and some various equipment based on IP network also need power supply, such as routers, cameras, etc., of course, since the PoE power supply technology, IP network equipment has another way of power supply.

The POE can transmit data signals for some IP-based terminals (such as IP phones, WLAN access points AP, network cameras, etc.), while also providing DC power for such devices. Next, we will introduce the five advantages of the PoE switch in detail!

1. Be safer

We all know that 220V voltage is very dangerous, often appear in the power supply cable damage, which is very dangerous, especially in the thunderstorm weather, once the power equipment is damaged, then the phenomenon of leakage is inevitable. And the use of PoE switch is a lot of safety, first of all, do not need to pull the line of power supply, and provide 48V safety voltage, the most important thing is that the PoE switch is now like our high nai special home products have professional lightning protection design, even in the lightning prone area, also can be safe.

2. More convenient

Before the popularity of PoE technology, mostly 220V power supply, this construction method is relatively rigid, because not every place can pull power or install power supply, so the location of the best camera is often hindered by various factors and have to change the location, which causes a large number of monitoring blind spots. After PoE technology is mature, these can be solved. After all, network cable can also be supplied through PoE.

3. More flexible

Traditional wiring mode will affect the networking of the monitoring system, resulting in the monitoring can not be installed in some places that are not suitable for wiring, and the PoE switch to power supply, can not be limited by time, place and environment, the network mode will be much more flexible, and the camera can be installed at will.

4. More energy saving

The traditional 220V power supply method requires a large range of wiring, in the transmission process, the loss is quite large, the farther the distance, the greater the loss, and the latest PoE technology uses low-carbon environmental protection skills and technology, the loss is very little, in the long run, it can achieve energy saving and environmental protection.

5. More beautiful

 Because PoE technology makes the grid into one, there is no need to wire and install sockets everywhere, which makes the monitoring site look more simple and generous.

Conclusion: PoE power supply is to supply the power with the network cable, that is, the network cable that transmits the data can also transmit the power, which can not only simplify the construction process, reduce the installation cost, but also be safer. Among them, PoE switch with its high performance, easy to use, simple management, convenient networking, low construction cost, widely loved by security engineers.

Post time: Oct-21-2022