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Seize the Middle East market, start in Dubai! Countdown 1 day! Changfei Optoelectronics will meet with you in booth 2-B36!

Introduction to the exhibition
The much-anticipated 2024 (Middle East) Dubai International Security Expo will kick off in January. The exhibition site  CF FIBERLINK will display industrial cloud management switch, intelligent PoE switch, Internet of things and other new technologies, we sincerely invite our colleagues and customers to visit the exhibition!

Time and place of the exhibition
January 16- -January 18,2024
The Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center
Booth number: 2-B36


Light connects all things, and wisdom creates the future


In the future, we will give a more comprehensive and detailed introduction of the exhibition products, please continue to pay attention to us.

Post time: Jan-16-2024