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[Long fly photoelectric] have to say the industrial grade switch characteristics


Because industrial switches can withstand the harsh working environment, it can meet the needs of various industrial control areas. With the rapid development of electric power, water conservancy, gold management, petrochemical, environmental protection, transportation, construction and other industries, the demand of information construction for industrial Ethernet switches is also increasing. So, compared with ordinary commercial switches, what are the advantages of industrial switches?

Using industrial-grade components

Industrial switch requires high selection of components and can withstand the detection of harsh environment, so it can well adapt to the industrial environment and support industrial applications in various harsh environments.

Strong tightness

Ordinary switch shell is generally aluminum alloy and even plastic shell. The industrial switch shell material is made of aluminum alloy, which is more compact.

Adapt to wide temperature environment

Industrial switches generally use pleated metal shell, which has better heat dissipation and stronger protection. It can work normally within the temperature range of-40 C~ + 80 C, and can well adapt to the complex temperature and humidity. However, the commercial switch products can only work within the range of 0 ~ + 55 C, which cannot meet the work requirements in the harsh weather environment

Strong anti-interference

Industrial switch has a strong anti-interference performance, can work in the harsh electromagnetic environment, and in lightning protection, waterproof, corrosion, impact, static and other aspects have a high level of protection, and the ordinary switch does not have these characteristics. For example, the full range of YFC photoelectric industrial grade switches has 6KV lightning protection, IP40 protection level and anti-interference capability.

Fast ring network, fast redundancy

Industrial switches generally have the function of fast ring network and fast redundancy, and the system redundancy time can be less than 50ms. Although commercial products can also form a redundant network, but the self-healing time of more than 10 ~30s can not meet the use of the industrial environment. For example, the self-healing time of industrial ring network switches developed and produced by YFC Optoelectronics is at least 20ms.

Guide rail installation

Industrial switch guide rail type installation.

Redundant power supply

Power supply is a very important part of the industrial switch. Power failure generally accounts for more than 35% of the equipment failure rate. In order to avoid the trouble caused by power failure, the industrial switch adopts dual power redundancy design to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the system. And commercial products generally use ac single power supply mode, not suitable for the application in the industrial environment.

Post time: Dec-21-2023