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Industrial switches are so expensive, so why do so many people use them?

Industrial switches are so expensive

Why are there so many people using it?

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Industrial switch, also known as industrial Ethernet switch, is the Ethernet switch equipment applied in the field of industrial control, due to the network standard, its good openness, widely used, low price, the use of transparent and unified TCP / IP protocol, Ethernet has become the main communication standard in the field of industrial control.

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The difference between industrial grade switch and ordinary switch

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Appearance level: the industrial switch is generally aluminum alloy shell, and the ordinary switch is generally plastic shell or sheet metal, aluminum alloy shell can make the industrial switch to get better heat dissipation and anti-corrosion effect.

Temperature: industrial switches are generally wide temperature type (-40 C~85 C); while ordinary switches are generally only 0 C~55 C.

Protection level: industrial switches are more than IP40, ordinary switches are generally IP20.

Electromagnetic environment: the industrial Ethernet switch has a strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, generally is EMC level 3 or above, so the use of ordinary exchange opportunities in some harsh environments to make the network work is very unstable.

Working voltage: the working voltage range of the industrial Ethernet switch is wide and supports a variety of choices, while the ordinary switch has higher voltage requirements. Ordinary switches are basically a single power supply, and industrial switch power supply is generally dual power supply mutual backup.


Energy industry, industrial switches

Take underground mine as an example, the use of industrial Ethernet switch in underground coal mine can effectively block dust, dirt and other particles that may cause damage to the equipment.

Transportation industry, industrial switch

Industrial grade protective structures such as IP40 that can withstand high strength vibration and impact to help obtain data generated by moving objects.

Substation industrial switch

High electromagnetic interference is a big challenge for the substation. Strong, reliable and safe harsh environment switch is the answer to this problem, because the industrial switch has strong anti-interference ability and can work in the harsh electromagnetic environment, while the commercial switch does not support it.

Industrial switches in smart city monitoring

Using industrial POE switches to provide power for POE devices (such as IP cameras in smart city surveillance) is a smart choice to monitor people and traffic, gaining a powerful industrial network POE switch, enjoying the benefits of simplified wiring and controlling devices in a simpler way.

Post time: Dec-15-2023