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How about a 4G wireless router? Which brand of 4G router is good?

The 4G router has built-in 4G communication module, plug in card and use, received 4G signal of the base station and converted into shared WiFi, up to 50Mbps uplink and 150Mbps downlink, and has the advantages of much traffic, fast network speed, good signal, less cost, full network and strong networking. Can create a mobile sharing, free and unbounded network life for the public.

The biggest characteristic of 4G router is that it is completely separated from the shackles of network cable, which can be carried around and followed wherever the network goes. The package is charged every month, 527G traffic every month, and the whole 4G high-speed network, if you want to use, which can well combine the home network and mobile network.
For often travel office, travel, often move and other multiple reuse network environment for us, is the best choice.
1: 4G router which brand is good?
At present, there are many kinds of domestic 4G router brands, among which Huawei, Xiaomi, Xinxin and other leading brands are doing relatively well. Xinxin is an innovative brand of Qianhai Yilian. Relying on its strong background strength, it has conducted deep cooperation with the three major operators and launched the first three-network switching 4G router in China. CF FIBERLINK also followed by the three network switch 4G router, with its high cost performance, reputation!
q12: What is the three-network switch to the 4G router?
As the name suggests, it is the three major operators network free switch. Ordinary 4G router only supports one card and one network, that is, the telecom network with telecom card, Unicom network with Unicom card, mobile network with mobile card, need to switch SIM card to achieve the network switch, network switching is more tedious and wasteful. The CF FIBERLINK three-network switch router only needs a SIM card, which can realize the network switch of the three major operators, and the whole process does not need to change the SIM. We all know that the network signal is ups and downs, some time or some place change network signal will be different, three network switch 4G router according to the network signal change configuration signal the strongest network, greatly ensure the stability of the network use, comprehensively improve the user network experience, this is ordinary 4G router cannot do it.

3:4 Which people are the G routers suitable for?
The school network environment is dense, the network coverage is small, the network stability is poor, and it is difficult to consult and download learning materials. The 4G router can provide a full coverage of the Student private independent high-speed network, mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers can be quickly accessed, creating a fast, smooth and free private learning space.

office worker
Community broadband service is poor, with the network experience is not good, often move to lead to broadband waste.4G router, can provide office workers with a fast, smooth, safe and comfortable, independent network environment, go where to use where, move forever network.

tour pal
Travel enthusiasts, like photography and post pictures, usually need to edit and transmit a large number of pictures and videos, mobile phones, hotel network can not meet the needs. And 4G router can provide large flow, high-speed and smooth network support, perfectly solve the network needs of travelers.

Often business office, home broadband utilization rate is low, and the remote network is not guaranteed, 4G router can meet its home and business office multiple reuse network needs, to avoid unnecessary waste at the same time, to provide high-speed and stable unique network space.

Small businesses
For example, convenience stores, grocery stores, small supermarkets and other small businesses, usually use the network demand is small, families, shops both pull broadband appears to waste, a 4G router can solve the problem of the two network, greatly save the cost of opening a shop.

Areas not covered by the broadband system
For example, remote rural areas, scenic spots, new residential areas and other areas not covered by broadband.
With the commercialization of 5G, CF FIBERLINK is also accelerating the development and production of 5G routers. It is believed that in the near future, wireless routers with 5G high speed and high stability will be listed on the market successively.

Post time: Nov-25-2022