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[ Good News ] Changfei won the title of director of Sichuan Smart City Development Alliance

Warm congratulations

Changfei Company was awarded the title of

Sichuan Smart City Development Alliance

Title of Director Unit


After deliberation by the Sichuan Smart City Development Alliance, in December 2023, our company was officially awarded the title of "Director Unit of the Sichuan Smart City Development Alliance".

After years of research and exploration, Changfei Optoelectronics has gradually stabilized and matured its products, which have been successfully applied in various industries such as Ping An City, intelligent transportation, industrial automation, rail transit, new energy, and electricity. It can also provide customized solutions for customers. In the future, we will launch a full range of products and solutions for the POL all optical network system, and provide suggestions to promote the construction of secure and efficient data centers for customers!

Introduction to Changfei Company

Huizhou Changfei Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for many years, with user areas covering safe cities, intelligent transportation, industrial automation, rail transit, new energy, and power industries. We have been committed to providing one-stop integrated transmission solutions and high-quality products and services for the industry. The main products include industrial grade management switches for 5G fiber optic communication equipment, intelligent POE, network switches, SFP optical modules, etc.

As a strong brand in the communication transmission industry, Changfei has gained comprehensive recognition and praise from the industry for its research and development, manufacturing, business capabilities, and comprehensive strength. With professional technology and high-quality service, we prioritize the interests of our customers and always adhere to our commitment to providing users with high-quality products, leading technology, and sincere service. 

In recent years, Changfei Company has frequently won honors, including intellectual property management system certification, national utility model patent certificate, and many other patent certificates.

Introduction to Qualification Certification

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Post time: Dec-20-2023