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Four connection methods for POE switches

Many friends who work in security monitoring and wireless coverage engineering have a good understanding of POE power supply and recognize the benefits of PoE power supply. However, in actual engineering wiring, they found that PoE deployment has many limitations, such as using traditional wiring methods when the upper end switches and lower end devices do not support POE.
As is well known, traditional wiring methods have high wiring and labor costs, which are not conducive to subsequent maintenance. This article explores four engineering application methods of PoE power supply. After familiarizing yourself with these four methods, you can use the convenience of PoE power supply to reduce worries in any scenario.
1、 Both switches and terminals support PoE
This method is the simplest for POE switches to be directly connected to wireless APs and network cameras that support POE power supply through network cables. However, the following two points should also be noted:
1. Determine if the POE switch and wireless AP or network camera are standard POE devices
2. It is necessary to carefully confirm the specifications of the purchased network cable. The quality of the network cable is crucial. Poor quality network cables can cause AP or IPC to be unable to receive power or constantly restart
2、 Switch supports POE, terminal does not support POE
This scheme connects the POE switch to the POE separator, which separates the power supply into data signals and power. There are two output lines, one is the power output line, and the other is the network data signal output line, which is a regular network cable. The power output includes 5V/9/12V and other non POE terminals that can match various DC inputs, supporting the IEEE802.3af/802.3at standard. The data signal output cable, also known as a regular network cable, can be directly connected to the network port of the non POE receiving terminal.
3、 Switch does not support POE, terminal supports POE
This scheme involves connecting the switch to a POE power supply, which adds power to the network cable and transmits it to the terminal. This solution is conducive to expanding the existing wiring network without affecting the original network.
4、 The switch does not support POE, and the terminal does not support POE either
This scheme involves connecting the switch to the PoE power supply, then to the POE separator, and finally transmitting it to the terminal.
Scheme 3 and Scheme 4 are suitable for the transformation of traditional networks, where the original switch did not support POE power supply but wanted to take advantage of the benefits of POE power supply.
In summary, POE can be used in any scenario, making it convenient to utilize the various conveniences brought by POE. It is also important to choose a PoE switch. A good POE switch can make the entire system more stable and easy to maintain. CF FIBERLINK's POE switch and POE separator have guaranteed quality, with excellent quality.


Post time: May-29-2023