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Do you know how many watts the power of the surveillance camera is calculated?

To answer a question many people have asked today:
How many W DC 12V2A power supply is the power of surveillance camera, how to calculate?
Regarding this question, the answers given by different professionals are not the same. Generally, there are the following answers:
①24W, the power of general surveillance cameras is so much power
②10W or so. If there is infrared LED power, it will increase depending on the number of LEDs
In fact, on this issue, we can see it this way
12V*2A =24W This is the 2 power consumption of the surveillance camera, which is the power
If a 12V10A switching power supply can bring several 12V2A surveillance cameras
The rated power of the power supply: 12X10=120W; the rated power of the surveillance camera: 12X2=24W; in terms of current: 10A divided by 2A=5; in terms of power: 120W divided by 24W=5; so 5 can be installed (with the same voltage In this case, which one is less current and power, use that as the standard).
So now it is very intuitive to go back and understand the relationship between camera power and power supply.

Post time: Mar-17-2022