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CF FIBERLINK “telecom equipment into the network license” highlights the hard power of the brand

Recently, Changfei photoelectric received the Ministry of Industry and Information of the People of the People's Republic of China


This award is a test and affirmation of the research and development ability, technological achievement transformation ability and sustainable development ability of YFC Optoelectronics in the past seven years. As the first intelligent PoE manufacturer in China, YFC Optoelectronics has been constantly adhering to independent innovation, increasing the investment in technology research and development, constantly strengthening the internal technical strength of the enterprise, and building a strong backing for the promotion of the core competitiveness of its products.

Therefore, Changfei photoelectric is constantly bringing forth the new, independent research and development of new "enterprise three-layer management network management switch" hot selling online ~


"Enterprise three level management network management switch" series of master video introduction ~

Post time: Aug-25-2023