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CF-FIBERLINK Smart Classroom“Internet and Electrical Speed Connection” Solution

With the rapid development of information technology, major changes have taken place in the education and teaching model. Smart education characterized by cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and big data is quietly emerging. It improves the quality and efficiency of education and teaching through innovative education models and educational methods, and comprehensively builds digital, networked, intelligent and multimedia modern education. system.
However, with the widespread application of intelligent terminal equipment such as remote teaching, video surveillance, and thin client all-in-one computers in the field of smart education, the problems of networking and power supply for multiple business systems such as classroom monitoring, lighting, student terminals, and teacher terminals have become increasingly prominent. . At the same time, issues such as poor wireless network experience, power safety, and energy managementhave also attracted much attention

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一、Pain points of the smart classroom industry

1、Complex network power supply: Smart classrooms lack network and power supply planning for business systems such as monitoring, lighting, student terminals, and teacher terminals.

2、Poor wireless Internet experience: Some classrooms use WiFi technology, which has problems with network latency and limited number of people connected, which affects the teaching experience.

3、Electricity safety hazards: Many network devices installed on student desktops in classrooms use strong electricity to power display terminals, which poses electricity safety hazards.

4 Lack of energy management: There are many network devices in the classroom, lack of energy management, and do not comply with policy requirements such as low-carbon environmental protection and "carbon neutrality".

二、CF FIBERLINK solution

CF-FIBERLINK's Smart Classroom "Network and Electrical Speed Connection" solution targets the demand trend of smart classrooms and innovatively integrates classroom monitoring, lighting, terminal services and teaching monitoring systems to provide a one-stop solution for PoE power supply and networking for smart classrooms. plan.

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1、Classroom monitoring :The smart classroom uses network cameras to monitor scenes inside and outside the classroom. The camer are powered by PoE through CF-FIBERLINK high-power switch CF-PGE2124N One network cable solves the problem of transmission and power supply. CF-PGE2124N  an be combined with standard PoE terminals from major mainstream manufacturers, and its gigabit network transmission capability effectively guarantees both traditional video and AI video transmission. Deployment is easier, business is more reliable, and cost is lower.

2、smart lighting :Lighting has a great impact on teaching effectiveness. Soft and stable lighting can protect students' vision, improve class efficiency, and bring a comfortable teaching environment.

Through the cooperation of high-power PoE power supply equipment and LED controllers, the LED lights in the classroom can be powered and networked, and the light switches, brightness, color temperature, etc. can be adjusted according to actual teaching needs, and the power consumption of each LED light can be monitored at the same time. Abnormal information makes classroom lighting smarter.

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3:multimedia terminal:Using PoE technology to provide power and network to all-in-one terminals such as thin clients is simple, convenient, safe and reliable: connecting to the all-in-one terminal through a network cable can also enable the USB and other interfaces of the terminal device to have external charging functions, which is convenient for users. Charge mobile phones and other devices. Secondly, the Gigabit network transmission capability of the PoE switch ensures that the delivery of various teaching content and student interaction are more real-time; in addition, the safe power provided by PoE can ensure the safe voltage output of terminal all-in-one machines and USB and other interfaces on the body. , there is no risk of electric shock to the end user.

4、Teaching monitoring and management

Through CF-FIBERLINK Optoelectronic Network's electric speed network gateway and visual management platform, all terminal equipment of the PoE system can be operated, maintained and managed in a unified manner, which facilitates the operation and maintenance personnel of smart classrooms to quickly grasp the operation data of monitoring, lighting, student terminals and other equipment. It also accurately controls the network and power supply of each terminal to save energy consumption and ensure the continued healthy operation of teaching equipment and the normal teaching work.

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Program Highlights

CF-FIBERLINK's smart classroom solution adopts CF FIBERLINK "network and electricity speed connection" core technology and has the following technical advantages:

(1)High-power PoE power supply: Meet the power supply needs of high-power terminal equipment such as smart classroom PoE lighting, cameras, and thin clients;

(2)Gigabit network transmission capability of PoE switch: ensuring smooth transmission of teaching content, more stable system operation, better Internet experience, and more interactive teaching;

(3)PoE safe power and voltage: ensure that the terminal all-in-one machine and USB and other interfaces on the fuselage output safe voltage, so that end users have no risk of electric shock and protect the safety of students;

(4)Simple installation and maintenance: PoE uses one network cable for simultaneous transmission of network and electricity, which greatly increases the convenience when replacing and repairing terminals.

(5)Green, energy-saving, low-carbon and environmentally friendly: The network and electricity speed connection management platform and the second-layer management switch can accurately control the power supply of each terminal equipment and save energy consumption.

Recommended Product

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Lightning protection:6KV


Storage temperature :40℃~85℃

24 electrical ports + 2 uplink ports + 1 sfp,

 Single port PoE power 30W, total power 380W

Switching Solution: Store and Forward

Support IEEE802.3 、IEEE802.3u、IEEE802.3X、IEEE802.3ab802 standard

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