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CF FIBERLINK Industrial Switch Assists Chad Oilfield Information System Project

The Republic of Chad, or Chad, is a landlocked country in central Africa, with the capital and largest city of N'Djamena.

Chad, one of the least developed countries identified by the United Nations, has become oil producers since 2003, but it has long relied on imports of all its refined oil products. With the help of China, Chad has established an independent and complete oil industry system, forming an oil industry chain with oil fields, pipelines and refining running through the upper, middle and lower reaches.

CF FIBERLINK Has been committed to the construction of energy information. At present, the solution and product system have been applied in many major projects along with the construction of the Belt and Road, and has been highly evaluated by domestic and foreign owners and customers. Recently, CF FIBERLINK industrial grade switch was applied to "Chad Oilfield Industrial TV and other subsystem projects", adding another city to the overseas development of the company.

CF FIBERLINK Series industrial switches support G.8032 Ethernet loop protection, the protocol has a maximum support of 255 rings, each ring can support up to 1024 devices, is the most access equipment in the loop protection protocol, suitable for large networks or more complex network topology structure. The network self-healing time was less than 20ms. The IP40 protection rating ensures that the equipment can operate properly in Chad's harsh environment! At present, CF FIBERLINK industrial communication products have been successfully applied in many oil, wind power and photovoltaic projects at home and abroad.

System requirements for industrial switches in oil and gas fields:

1. The communication network meets the industrial-level design standards, and can achieve safe, reliable and stable operation in a harsh environment;

2. High-bandwidth backbone network, which can simultaneously transmit video, audio and service data and other large traffic IP data;

3. Support the redundant self-healing function, which can be quickly restored when the network fails;

4. Secure network, protection and monitoring from malicious attacks;

5. Strong network management capability, support fast network fault diagnosis, to ensure the smooth operation of the system.

Demand for industrial switches in each production link of oil and gas field:

(1) Survey: In the field application environment, the site is lack of communication guarantee, harsh working environment. Industrial switch system is required to have high mobility, set up emergency links to ensure timely coordination, personnel safety monitoring and positioning.

(2) Mining: in the field application environment, the public network signal is poor or no signal, the industrial switch equipment working environment is bad. The inspection and security requirements of the industrial switch equipment are required to realize the backup link and on-site video collection, and the equipment has a certain explosion-proof level.

(3) Transmission: long distance and wide region range, GPS positioning, etc. In this scenario, the public network may have no signal or poor signal, so it needs to support a variety of fixed point inspection, strong endurance of industrial switch equipment, high mobility requirements, and emergency link and data collection.

(4) Refining: In a fixed environment, the industrial switch equipment is required to have the characteristics of high explosion-proof, multi-level scheduling, data collection requirements, regular fixed-point inspection and other functions.

CF FIBERLINK Oil and gas field communication network industrial switch solution features:

High reliability: IP40 or above protection grade, -40~85℃ working without pressure, redundant power supply, nuclear grade I seismic design 

High performance: full domain network full Gigabit downlink, uplink, large bandwidth, data delay <5us, video transmission is not slow 

High stability: real-time monitoring of network status, network loop detection and self-repair, storm suppression, ring network fault recovery <20ms 

High safety: nearly 40 kinds of operation status monitoring and abnormal alarm, the system meets the GB / T22239 level 4 protection safety 

CF FIBERLINK Oil and gas field communication network industrial switch solution network topology diagram:

Post time: Jul-05-2023