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Application of industrial switches in metallurgical automation

Industrial environments such as metallurgy have very high requirements for the reliability of industrial control, and industrial control has high requirements for real-time communication. The harsh industrial environment often requires industrial Ethernet equipment to run for a long time in areas with strong electromagnetic interference, severe vibration, dust, and ultraviolet radiation in high temperature or ultra-low temperature .,


Industrial automation systems are developing towards distributed and intelligent real-time control, and industrial Ethernet technology provides an open infrastructure to meet the urgent need for the same communication protocol and network in the industrial control field, and has been widely promoted and applied. It will become the development direction of industrial control communication in the future. With this, industrial switches will gradually become the main industrial communication products.
CF-FIBERLINK’S  series of CF-HY4T2408S-SFP industrial switches can provide reliable and stable multi-service communications in the harshest environments, providing communications guarantee for the effective operation of the industrial control industry. Since being put into the market, CF-HY4T2408S-SFP has been reliably used in harsh environments such as petrochemical, rail, highway, high-speed rail, environmental protection, and mining;


Industrial applications
Metallurgical automation system
Petroleum and coal industry automation system
Tobacco factory automation system
Chemical system
Cement building materials manufacturing automation system
Pharmaceutical factory automation system
Industrial automation enterprise monitoring system networking and enterprise information networking

Features of CF-FIBERLINK’S Industrial Switches


(1)CF-HY4T2408S-SFP Using FPGA and CPLD dynamic reconfiguration and repetitive programming technology, the design has good electromagnetic compatibility and anti-vibration and anti-impact capabilities. Since being put into the market, it has been reliably used in harsh environments such as petrochemical, rail, highway, high-speed rail, environmental protection, and mining.
(2)CF-HY4T2408S-SFP The design concept is that the entire product line uses industrial-grade isolated power supplies that can reach a peak value of 25W (the actual power consumption of the entire series of products is between 5W-10W), ensuring that the power output has sufficient margin, even in the extremely harsh -40° It can still maintain long-term operation in severe cold or +75° hot environment (it still maintains 50% output margin even when the power supply is extremely derated), which greatly extends the service life of the power supply and the overall stability and reliability of the equipment.
(3)CF-HY4T2408S-SFP Adopting One-Chip technology solution, all models are based on non-blocking 24*100M+2*1000M line-speed switching chips, with a backplane bandwidth of 8.8Gbps. All products are released by One-Chip This is achieved by matching the corresponding number of ports on the same switching chip to ensure that both mid-range, high-end and low-end models have high-end processing capabilities and excellent performance, eliminating packet loss or delays caused by insufficient switching capabilities or backplane bandwidth reservations in different models. This series of products is more suitable for high-traffic and low-latency industrial applications.
(4)CF-HY4T2408S-SFP adopts Al-Alloy spray-coated aluminum alloy shell, which has excellent heat dissipation performance. The corrosion-resistant and oxidation-resistant aluminum alloy shell does not rust and conducts heat quickly. The splicing areas inside the casing are covered with single-sided tape during painting to ensure that the casing has transparent conductivity during the overall assembly.
(5)CF-HY4T2408S-SFP Adopt Den-Gold process. The immersion gold process makes the welding stronger, has better anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties, and can be used stably in harsh environments. At the same time, the immersion gold process makes it possible to immerse large areas of gold, thereby achieving electromagnetic protection for key chips, so that the entire product line has better anti-interference and electromagnetic compatibility.


10G uplink three-layer network management type
4 1/10G SFP+ fiber optic slot ports.
24 100/1000Base-X SFP ports
8 10/ 100/ 1000Base-T RJ45 combo ports

L3 network management function supports IPV4/IPV6 management, dynamic routing full line-speed forwarding, complete security protection mechanism, complete ACL/QoS policy, rich VLAN functions, and is easy to manage and maintain. It has industry-leading ring network technology. Supports a variety of industrial-grade redundant ring network protocols. Each port can form a ring network, supporting chain ring network, star ring network, double star ring network, ring network, tangent ring network, intersecting ring network, coupled ring network, and ring network. ERPS self-healing within 20ms.

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