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Application example of industrial Ethernet switch in power industry (I)

Intelligent substation monitoring system/power station distributed control system

1、 Intelligent substation monitoring system

The intelligent substation online monitoring system realizes information sharing platformization, system framework networking, equipment status visualization, monitoring target panoramic, whole-station information digitization, communication protocol standardization, monitoring function componentization, information display integration, real-time collection of status data of equipment in the station, comprehensive diagnosis analysis and life-cycle assessment. On the one hand, the substation monitoring system is an independent internal interconnection distribution transformer equipment network, on the other hand, it is a node of the telecontrol master station, which sends the monitoring and diagnosis system of the substation internal equipment and its own status information to the master station.

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Changfei Photoelectric Industrial Ethernet Switch  In the intelligent substation monitoring system solution, the monitoring A and B dual-network, the station control layer and the system layer two-layer one-network mode are adopted, and the whole station has one network to the bottom, and the bus differential direct acquisition direct jump mode is changed, and the network acquisition network jump mode is adopted. The monitoring A and B dual networks ensure the stability and redundancy of data acquisition. The protection unit and merging unit of intelligent IED equipment are directly connected with the switch or the protection and measurement and control equipment, and then transmitted to the station control layer through the A and B dual-network to connect the servers, monitoring hosts, telecontrol workstations and remote control centers, so as to realize the information integration and remote control of the whole station.

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2、 Distributed control system of power station

Power stations are the power source of the national power grid, and the development of power plant information automation and intelligence has been the direction of human efforts. Distributed control system (DCS) has made rapid development since its appearance in the mid-1970s. In order to further promote the development of digitalization and informatization in power plants, gradually realize the data and information unification of DCS system and follow the principle of convenient management, the adoption of Ethernet transmission is a major trend in the development of industrial control and automation level in power plants.

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The field data access layer is hung on the I/O layer of DCS through an interface conversion server, which can map the field data information to the data information on the I/O bus of DCS, so that the DCS control information can be integrated uniformly. The data communication layer adopts redundant ring network structure composed of 1 # and 2 # units of the main control system. The uplink connects workstations, engineer stations and application servers through the Changfei Gigabit Industrial Ethernet switch CF-HY4T8024S-SFP, and the downlink connects the control and management host stations through the Gigabit Industrial Ethernet switch CF-HY2008GV-SFP. The whole network topology adopts the overall structure of two-layer redundant ring network, I/O sites can be expanded in a cascade way. Realize the redundancy structure of the whole system and ensure the reliability and stability of data transmission.

System structure diagram

Application example of industr1

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