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Advantages of Industrial Switches

Anyone who has worked in the industrial field will know that industrial switches are called industrial Ethernet switches. Industrial Ethernet switches are what we often call industrial switches. Industrial switches are industrial switches specially designed to meet the needs of flexible and changeable industrial applications. equipment, which provides a cost-effective industrial Ethernet communication solution. Therefore, industrial switches are very popular in the industry. Among them, the ring has the difference between single ring and multi-ring, and there are also private ring protocols designed by various industrial switch manufacturers on the basis of STP and RSTP, and so on. So what are the core technical advantages of industrial switches?

Industrial switches have the following advantages:

1. Zero self-healing ring network technology to achieve high reliability and integrity of data transmission

Prior to this, the fastest self-healing time of industrial switches in the world was 20 milliseconds. However, no matter how short the self-healing time of the ring network fault is, it will inevitably cause the loss of data packets during the switching period, which cannot be tolerated at the control command layer. Zero self-healing undoubtedly achieves a breakthrough in existing technologies and ensures high reliability and integrity of data.

The industrial switch ensures that when the network fails, there is always one direction to reach the destination through bidirectional data flow, ensuring uninterrupted control data.

2. The bus-type network realizes the integration of network and line

The bus network allows users to customize the controlled device. By treating the same virtual Mac terminal as the same device, the switch regards the controlled device as the same device, so that these devices can be interconnected and information shared, which ensures the linkage of control. .

Industrial switches support a variety of bus protocols and I/O interfaces to realize the networking of bus data. Instead of non-traditional point-to-point mode, maximize network and bus resource utilization. Furthermore, flexible network configuration can be realized, which can be directly connected to field devices such as instruments and industrial cameras, so that PLC can be connected to I/O devices farther away, which greatly reduces the number of PLCs in the entire system and significantly reduces the cost of system integration. . In addition, industrial switches can also be integrated into network monitoring software through Web and SNMP OPC Server to monitor node status in real time, and have a fault alarm function to facilitate remote maintenance and management.

3. Fast and real-time

Industrial switches have the data priority feature, allowing users to customize certain devices as fast data devices. When fast data appears in the ring network, ordinary data will make way for fast data. Avoid the situation that traditional switches cannot be applied to the control command layer due to excessive data delay

Post time: Jul-05-2022