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5.8G 450M wireless bridge

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◎ product description

The CF-CPE450K is a high-performance enterprise-class outdoor network bridge product that supports 5G full-frequency band and uses 802.11AN technology. Unique digital tube matching technology, no computer configuration, easily complete point to point, point to-point (within 8 points) equipment matching.100 megabytes network interface, 5G 802.11AN MIMO technology wireless processing speed up to 450Mbpsbps. Flexible power supply mode, support 24V POE network cable power supply and 12V 1A DC local power supply, the network cable power supply distance can reach 80 meters (related to the network cable material). Using outdoor IP65 windproof, rainy, dustproof, sunscreen protection grade shell design, easy to adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor environment. Built-in 14dBi double intensified plate antenna, easy and quick to install. With high performance, high gain, high reception sensitivity, high bandwidth and other characteristics, greatly enhance the wireless transmission performance and stability, widely used in medium and short distance video transmission and data transmission.

◎ Product hardware

The 450Mbpsbps high-speed rate and the NAT high-conversion rate
CF-CPE450K uses 802.11an technology to provide a wireless access speed of up to 450Mbpsbps, which is about twice that of 802.11/b/g/n products in the same environment. At the same time, the conversion rate of NAT is> 93%, realizing a faster download and upload speed through the Internet, and surfing on the Internet at will.
Transparent, highly efficient and energy-efficient
The product supports IEEE802.3az, which can enter the low-power mode in a transceiver without a sending frame. When a new frame arrives, the transceiver will return to the active mode in several microseconds, thus achieving an almost transparent energy saving to the upper layer of the protocol. The energy consumption can be automatically adjusted according to the actual flow of the port, which can be quickly converted between full-speed operation and low-power idle mode, saving 30% of the power consumption for users, and greatly saving the operating cost.
Beam forming technology
Through the wave speed forming technology, can automatically adjust the size of the signal weighted value of each array in the array, the antenna direction of zero alignment interference direction and suppress the interference, enhance the system useful signal detection ability, optimize antenna direction, and can effectively track the useful signal, suppress and eliminate interference and noise, even in the close distribution of multiple interference and the same frequency, can successfully suppress the interference.
The pairing is simple and efficient
Without network expertise, no computer operation, the point-to-point, point-to-point, point-to-point (up to the same value.
Support for 5G full frequency band
Supported channels are 36,40,44,48,52,56,60,64,149,153,157,161, and
182,186,190,194 Special channels are not open by default, and can be opened when needed.

◎ product technical indicators

hardware configuration
model CF-CPE450K
The main chip MTK 7620DA    450Mbps
clock frequency CPU:560MHz DDR:N/A Ref:40MHz
Wireless technology 5.8G: 450 Mbps 802.11b/g/n MIMO technology
Memory 64MB DDR RAM (128MB DDR RAM max. supported)
Flash 8MB (16MB max support)
network interface 1 * 10 / 100 Mbps adaptive network interface, 1 * COM debugging interface
push-button 1 * Digital switch / reset button, short press the digital tube display value plus one,

Press it long for 15 seconds to restore the factory settings

pilot lamp Signal SIG indicator, ETH network interface state indicator, power indicator, digital tube indicator
source 24V 1A non-standard POE power supply;

DC 12V 1A, with 10W of power consumption

work environment Temperature: -30℃ ~ + 55℃ (working), -40℃ ~ + 70℃ (storage)

Humidity (non-condensation): 10%~90% (working), 5%~95% (storage)

product size N/A
Product weight N/A
antenna Built-in bipolar high gain 14dBi directional plate antenna (horizontal wave half angle 60°, vertical wave half 60°)

modulation mode

output power 11a @54M:25±2DB,     @6M:27±2DB

11n @MCS7:23±2DB,    @MCS0:25±2DB

Radio frequency characteristics
frequency range ISM band: 4.900GHz ~ 5.850GHz
Channel distribution 5G:36、40、44、48、52、56、60、64、149、153、157、161、


receiving sensitivity 11a: 72dbm@54Mbps,    -90dbm@6Mbps

11n: -70dbm@MCS7,    -90dbm@MCS0

EVM 802.11n: ≤-28 DB    802.11a: ≤-25 DB
frequency deviation ±20ppm
Software features
work pattern Primary AP, from AP (dial code conversion)
Networking way Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint (within 8 points)
management style Chinese WEB remote management
network Network bridge: static IP / dynamic acquisition

Gateway: static IP / dynamic acquisition / PPPoE

Network bridge management Free binding to the cloud account, real-time remote management of equipment
Wireless management Bridge configuration / Advanced configuration / WiFi settings
system Time zone time configuration, login password modification, backup / recovery, restart / regular restart
system update WEB browser-based local update, online update


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