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3-port 10/100/1000M Media Converter(SFP)

Short Description:

CF-1002W-SFP series is a 10/100/1000M fiber media converter independently developed by CF FIBERLINK. It has 2* 10/100/1000Base-T port and 1* 1000Base-X uplink SFP fiber port, User can select different optical modules, such as multimode dual fiber, single-mode dual fiber, and single-mode single fiber. The media converter adopts the enterprise-class Taiwan Realtek company’s carrier-grade chip solution, which has stable performance, good quality and high cost performance.It is suitable for optical fiber access application scenarios such as security monitoring, wireless coverage, intelligent transportation, and safe cities to form a cost-effective and stable communication network. Unmanaged model, plug and play, no configuration, easy to use.

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3-port 10/100/1000M  Media Converter(SFP)

Product Features:

Huizhou Changfei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. launched advanced optical SFP Gigabit transceivers and switching equipment

Huizhou Changfei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing global customers with advanced overall transmission solutions and high-quality products and services. With rich photoelectric product research and development experience and scientific research patents, the company has won wide acclaim from more than 360 distributors and agents in more than 100 countries around the world.

Our latest products include a series of innovative and reliable products, such as 1 Optical 2 Electrical SFP Gigabit Transceiver, 3-Port SFP Gigabit Optical-to-Electrical Conversion Device and 3-Port Gigabit Switch. These cutting-edge devices are designed to meet the increasing demands of modern network connectivity.

One of the key features of our SFP Gigabit Transceivers and Switching devices is their versatile SFP interface. This enables seamless integration with various network devices, enabling flexible and efficient data transmission. Whether it’s a data center, enterprise network or telecommunications system, our products provide reliable, high-speed connectivity.

The SFP gigabit transceiver has wide voltage power supply compatibility and supports DC5-12V. This ensures stability and compatibility with different power supplies. Additionally, our transceiver ports are equipped with 4KV lightning protection to prevent any potential surge damage.

Our products also feature wide temperature operating capabilities to withstand harsh environments. Whether it’s extreme heat or cold, our transceivers and switches maintain peak performance, ensuring uninterrupted communications.

In terms of performance, our devices excel in several ways. Supports 10KB jumbo frames to easily transfer large amounts of data. Additionally, our transceivers and switches are designed with low power consumption in mind, providing energy-efficient solutions for network setups.

Ease of use is another key aspect of our products. Our units feature a 4-digit dial and dynamic LED indicators for easy installation and monitoring. Plug-and-play functionality further simplifies the setup process, allowing immediate deployment.

For durability, our SFP Gigabit Transceivers and Switching devices are iron-cased for protection and durability. These devices have an IP30 degree of protection against dust, moisture and other potential hazards. External power options are available to meet different installation scenarios, providing flexibility according to user needs.

Huizhou Changfei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. combines advanced technology and meticulous engineering to provide unmatched quality and reliability. With our SFP gigabit transceivers and switching devices, you can experience seamless connectivity, improved network performance and peace of mind.

Choose our products to unlock the true potential of your network infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more about SFP Gigabit Transceivers and Switching Devices and explore possibilities for enhanced network connectivity.

 What This Product Does

◇ The CF-1002W-SFP is a media converter designed to convert between 1000BASE-X fiber and 10/100/1000Base-T copper media. It easily extends the distance of an existing gigabit network via fiber optic when integrated with the SFP Module. The CF-1002W-SFP applies the IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T & IEEE802.3z 1000Base-X standards as part of its intended use with multi-mode/single-mode SFP Module. Long-range point-to-point connections are easily built with the gigabit fiber converters, making them ideal for network connections across multiple buildings, for remote surveillance and automated factory equipment.

 Other Features

◇ CF-1002W-SFP offers flexible installation on standalone desktops. The easy-to-view front panel status LEDs provide real-time status information to monitor up-to-the-minute network activity. While the maximum transmission distance of fiber optics depends on the insertion of the SFP module.

technical parameter:

 Model CF-1002W-SFP
Interface Characteristics

Fixed Port

 2* 10/ 100/ 1000Base-T RJ45 port

1* 1000Base-X uplink SFP fiber port


Ethernet Port

 10/ 100/ 1000Base-T auto-sensing, full/half duplex MDI/MDI-X self-adaption

Twisted Pair


 10BASE-T: Cat3,4,5 UTP(≤100 meter)

100BASE-T: Cat5e or later UTP(≤100 meter)

1000BASE-T : Cat5e or later UTP(≤100 meter)

   Optical Port  Gigabit SFP optical fiber interface, default not include optical modules (optional single-mode / multi-mode, single fiber / dual fiber optical module. LC)
Wavelength/Distance multimode: 850nm 0~550M,1310nm 0~2KM

single mode: 1310nm 0~40KM ,1550nm 0~120KM 

Chip Parameter
   Network Protocol   IEEE802.3 10BASE-T,    IEEE802.3i 10Base-T,

IEEE802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE802.3u 100Base-FX, IEEE802.3x

IEEE802.3ab 1000Base-T;IEEE802.3z 1000Base-X;

 Forwarding Mode  Store and Forward(Full Wire Speed)
 Switching Capacity  6Gbps
 Buffer Memory 4.5Mpps
 MAC   2K

LED Indicator

Fiber FX(green)
 rate SPD1 (green)

SPD2: 100/1000 (green)

 Data  TP1/TP2 (green)
 Power PWR (green)
  Working Voltage  AC:100-240V
 Power Consumption  Standby<1W, Full load<5W
 Power Supply DC:5V/2A  industrial power supply
Lightning protection &Certification
Lightning protection Lightning protection: 4KV 8/20us, Protection level: IP30
Certification CCC;CE mark, commercial; CE/LVD EN60950;FCC Part 15 Class B; RoHS
Physical Parameter
  Operation TEMP     -20~+55°C;5%~90% RH Non condensing
   Storage TEMP    -40~+85°C;5%~95% RH Non condensing
   Dimension (L*W*H)    94mm* 71mm*27mm
   Installation     Desktop

Product Size:

Product application diagra:

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How to choose a fiber optic transceiver?

Optical fiber transceivers break the 100-meter limitation of Ethernet cables in data transmission. Relying on high-performance switching chips and large-capacity caches, while truly achieving non-blocking transmission and switching performance, they also provide balanced traffic, isolation and conflict. Error detection and other functions ensure high security and stability during data transmission. Therefore, fiber optic transceiver products will still be an indispensable part of actual network construction for a long time. So, how should we choose fiber optic transceivers?

1. Port function test
Mainly test whether each port can work normally in the duplex state of 10Mbps, 100Mbps and half-duplex state. At the same time, it should be tested whether each port can automatically select the highest transmission speed and automatically match the transmission rate of other devices. This test can be included in other tests.

2. Compatibility test
It mainly tests the connection ability between the optical fiber transceiver and other devices compatible with Ethernet and Fast Ethernet (including network card, HUB, Switch, optical network card, and optical switch). The requirement must be able to support the connection of compatible products.

3. Cable connection characteristics
Test the fiber optic transceiver’s ability to support network cables. First, test the connection ability of Category 5 network cables with lengths of 100m and 10m, and test the connection ability of long Category 5 network cables (120m) of different brands. During the test, the optical port of the transceiver is required to have a connection capability of 10Mbps and a rate of 100Mbps, and the highest must be able to connect to a full-duplex 100Mbps without transmission errors. Category 3 twisted pair cables may not be tested. Subtests can be included in other tests.

4. Transmission characteristics (transmission loss rate of data packets of different lengths, transmission speed)
It mainly tests the packet loss rate when the optical fiber transceiver optical port transmits different data packets, and the connection speed under different connection rates. For the packet loss rate, you can use the test software provided by the network card to test the packet loss rate when the packet size is 64, 512, 1518, 128 (optional) and 1000 (optional) bytes under different connection rates. , the number of packet errors, the number of packets sent and received must be more than 2,000,000. Test transmission speed can use perform3, ping and other software.

5. The compatibility of the whole machine to the transmission network protocol
It mainly tests the compatibility of fiber optic transceivers to network protocols, which can be tested in Novell, Windows and other environments. The following low-level network protocols such as TCP/IP, IPX, NETBIOS, DHCP, etc. must be tested, and the protocols that need to be broadcast must be tested. Optical transceivers are required to support these protocols (VLAN, QOS, COS, etc.).

6. Indicator status test
Test whether the status of the indicator light is consistent with the description of the panel and the user manual, and whether it is consistent with the current status of the fiber optic transceiver.

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